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Atlantic Shipping Company Service is a security and financial guarantee instituted as a measure of safety for both corporate and Private Organization including Individuals to protect valuables. Atlantic Shipping Company Service ensures the safety of deposits as well as providing adequate security for our clients.
Atlantic Shipping Company Service is an independent body and acts as an additional regulatory authority. Has an innovative, professional and high tech security services group. We pride ourselves on adhering to client requirements and providing sound advice and tested solutions. Our staff has significant experience in all facets of the security industry from static guarding to access control to VIP protection..

Service levels are of paramount importance to us, right from the initial security consultation and assessment to the implementation of a workable and affordable security solution. Our objective is to provide clients with a security solution that meets our core principles:

We realize that only persistence, dedication and continual vigilance will guarantee client satisfaction and loyalty. Please don't hesitate to contact a us should you wish to discuss your security requirements further or demand for any of our service.

Our Mission
To create gap-bridging solutions for clients for proper Repositioning. Atlantic Shipping Company Service enterprise with appropriate concept, techniques, approaches, methodologies and insights in finance and security value creation.

Our Vision
To build a world-class value-creation security and finance organization that converts challenges into positive opportunities for improvement in our clients service.



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